Jay S. Marks    Attorney

For Jay Marks,“Liberty. Justice. All.” are not just words, but a creed. For nearly twenty years, Jay has fought for justice for immigrants in immigration courts, federal courts, and state courts. Why does he focus on justice for immigrants? “It was not that long ago that my own grandparents immigrated to the United States — from Germany and from Eastern Europe. Their love of this country and their feelings of pride in this, the ‘goldene medina,’ were a constant theme as I grew up. My grandparents believed in the founding principles of fair play and justice, and I was raised with these aspirations. I have a deep-seated need to keep that hope alive.”

Jay is a powerhouse of energy and talent as he delves into his clients’ cases, many of which involve the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. This complex area of the law requires dedication and passion. “I take great pride in freeing immigrants from detention and reuniting them with their families. Frankly, it is so painful — and so offensive to any basic sense of justice — when a child is separated from her mother or father that I get angry. That’s what keeps me going.”

Jay has successfully argued the reversal of many convictions in Maryland state courts, and has provided extensive guidance to the criminal defense bar, both by lecturing at conferences and by working with individual attorneys. “When I vacated a wrongful conviction for first-degree arson — originally with a thirty-year sentence — and freed my client from detention and restored her green card, I felt like I righted a catastrophic wrong. When she called me some time after the decision to tell me she had gotten married and had her first child, I understood the power of justice.”

Jay’s business clients love him for his responsiveness and results. He routinely helps businesses employ and retain talented, hard-working individuals — the heart of any business — through H-1B visas, TN visas for Mexican and Canadian professionals, and employment-based green cards. “Immigrants — from PhDs to skilled laborers — bring tremendous energy, creativity, and productivity to our economy. They are the backbone of this nation, and I am committed to keeping them in the workforce.”

Jay is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Law, where he teaches a Legal Theory and Practice course on Crimimmigration – the intersection of criminal and immigration law. He also serves on the Board of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.